Taking a Break…My Thought for the Day…June 24, 2019

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June 24, 2019

“Taking a break to figure some things out…”
-Suzy Goebel

Taking a Break

Just a little update to let you all know that I have decided I am taking a break from My Thought for the Day.  It obviously hasn’t been a daily thing in a while and has been getting less and less frequent over time.  I need to figure out if I still really want to do this or not.  I am sure I will in some form or another.

Part of the reason is in my recent mania.  I started another blog, crazydogmama.net and I became more focused on that.  Writing articles, creating doggy memes, and designing t-shirts.  But even that one has fallen away.  Unfortunately, this is ‘normal’ due to the ups and downs of being bipolar, I do apologize for this.

I am sincerely hoping the desire to create this sort of inspirational imagery does come back, but a part of me still has the ‘what right do you have’ feeling about it.  Anyhoo, take care and enjoy the summer if you live in the northern hemisphere!  And if you are not, take heart, you just passed the longest night, you are officially on the upswing now!

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