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About My Thought for the Day

Hi, I am Suzy and I am a freelance web developer, designer, and blogger newbie.  Recently, I graduated from Gateway Technical College in Racine, WI as a Web Developer.  I also have interests in social media and digital marketing, which I am currently learning about.

Additionally, I manage the websites and social media accounts for martymadeit.com, fionapuppy.com, crazydogmama.net and of course this blog.  You can view my portfolio at suzygoebel.com.

I started creating similar graphics as a social media intern and really enjoyed it.  When the internship ended, I decided to keep creating the graphics and start my own blog featuring them and writing about them.

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to write about the quotes I was illustrating.  But I just made myself do it and it turned into a really enjoyable experience.  From the finding of the quote, to the designing of the graphic, and finally adding my own take on the quote and what it means to me.

My intention is to be thought provoking.  For the viewer to walk away with their own ideas of what the quotes mean to themselves personally.

Writing and designing these helps to motivate me daily, I hope they help to motivate you as well!