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Find Your Gifts…My Thought for the Day…June 3

Find Your Gifts suzygoevel.com/blog
June 3, 2019

“The purpose of life is to find your gift.  The meaning of life is to give it away.”

-William Shakespeare

Find Your Gifts

Life is a journey to find your gifts and talents.  Few of us are lucky enough to have them appear early on in life and recognize them as such.  And most of us, not so much.  It can take years before we realize our gifts, if ever.  Maybe our gifts do appear, and we just don’t recognize them or give them enough value at the time.  Or maybe we are told to pursue other more ‘worthwhile’ pursuits.  Pursuits that will allow us to succeed in this world.

I recently came into contact with an old family friend who in her later years began to paint and has become quite good at it.  I don’t ever remember her having this inclination growing up, but here it is now, later in life.  It is really beautiful to watch it unfold as she posts her work on social media.  I find her an inspiration.  And she has stirred something up inside of me.

A constant theme in my life has always been artistic pursuit.  But when I was in a place to choose a career, I was discouraged from it, so I pushed it aside and tried to forget it.  I was also very sensitive to criticism and it really hurt to pour out my soul into a piece and be criticized for it.

But luckily with age comes the ability to not care so much what others think.  And there is no reason to not create for the sole purpose of pleasing myself.  And if it pleases others, great!  Making these graphics for this blog has been a great first step back into creativity.  And a way of giving my gift back to the world, even if no one ever sees it.  Maybe I will pick up the brush (or the pencil, or the stone chisel, or the clay) again.




My Thought for the Day…March 4, 2019

“Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”

-George Bernard Shaw

I chose this quote today as I contemplated the creation of this blog and possibly diverging from my original career plans of Web Development, considering, just what it is that brings me joy?  Art and design bring me joy.  They always have, but I never thought I could make a living doing it.


That is why I chose to change careers and to pursue Web Development back in late 2015.  I figured Web Development had some design capacity to it, and should provide me with marketable skills as I have always loved tech, computers, and languages.  I enjoyed it immensely at first, when it was really more about design that coding.  I don’t necesarily mind the coding, there is a great satisfaction in making something work or finding the bug or error that broke your page, but I don’t love it.


After I graduated this past summer I fell into a bit of gray period, all the jobs I saw were seeking experienced developers, I became overwhelmed with what I didn’t know.  I graduated my program with a 4.0 grade point average, and was on the dean’s list each semester, surely I must know something!


I even lost the urge to try to fill my deficits, something I never had a problem with before.  I used to love to seek out tutorials on things I didn’t know or to further my skills, I’d wake and be excited to find something new to learn or to work on each day.  I was seriously a tutorial junkie for a while!  I even thought of creating a site called “Tutorial Junkie” just to showcase that work!


A couple of months ago I decided to revisit the social media accounts I had set up for a my dog for the first website I ever created.  They were more of a joke then, but I had just read an article about your dog becoming an influencer on Instagram, and I thought why not?  I have a really cute and photogenic dog.  So I started to to develop her still empty Instagram account, @fionapuppypie.  I loved it and quickly grew her followers from 3 to well over 300 in about 2 months, in less than 4 months she is now at 808 followers!


I know, I am a dork.  But I learned a lot, and I also learned how to create interesting content, how to enage followers, and create loyalty through developing meanigful relationships, which I seriously value.


So where to now?  The future is wide open!